Monster Cookie Cupcakes


Every once in a while I choose to get creative with the way I decorate or what flavors I use, but one day I was struck with a slightly different idea: how can I turn other desserts I enjoy into cupcake form? How would that translate? How do I make sure I don’t lose certain flavors or elements?

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Interested in placing an order?

If you live in the Madison area and are willing to pick up your order, you’re welcome to place a cupcake order with me! For details, including rates and guidelines, please visit the orders page.

How to start?

So. Starting a blog in the middle of this baking journey. I’ve already done so much, made so many varieties – where to start?

I suppose I could do a list – I love lists, being a librarian and someone who is typically hyper-organized no matter what I’m doing – but that’s boring. Where’s the excitement in a post like that? Instead, let me talk about some accomplishments. When it comes to baking – yeah, I have a few!

The first time I really realized that baking (cupcakes especially) was going to be my “thing” was at work, one of my first years at the library.

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